VarjoAppro 2021 (EN)

Events are back, nightclubs are open once more. It is time to celebrate with a pub-crawl and unforgettable after parties in the best nightclubs of Tampere! 

Hämeenkadun Appro proudly presents: VarjoAppro 

VarjoAppro gathers over 5 000 students to Tampere in Tuesday 23rd of November to enjoy a pub-crawl, night clubs and the best artists Finland has to offer.  

VarjoAppro is Hämeenkadun Appro’s smaller version, which tunes us towards next year, when we celebrate Appro’s 40th birthday.  

Before that, join us in VarjoAppro!

Main partners 2021

Day of the Event

The Schedule  

  • First start to the pub-crawl at 4 pm 
  • The finish opens at 7 pm 
  • After parties begin at 9 pm 
  • More information in the Facebook event of VarjoAppro 

What to bring? 

  • Enough warm clothes 
  • A water bottle 
  • Leave big bags at home. The cloak room is meant for coats only. 

Transportation on Appro day 

  • The easiest way to arrive to the heart of the event, Ratinannokanpuisto, is via Center Square and Laukon bridge.  
  • The City Center is easy to reach with public transportation. Routes and schedules can be found here:
  • Public transportation along Hämeenkatu includes several bus lines and trams. Trail way station and bus station are a short walk away from the Central Square.  
  • During the event, transportation must happen on foot. 

Degrees and the pub-crawal 

In VarjoAppro, there is just one degree to complete unlike in the original Hämeenkadun Appro. 

The idea of VarjoAppro is to go around the predetermined pubs and restaurants and collect stamps for the Appro-pass. To earn a stamp, visitors must enjoy one of the official Appro foods or beverages, or complete in the different activities organized by Appro’s cooperation partners. It is also possible to do the pub crawl with alcohol-free options. One location offers only one stamp per participant.  

The pub-crawl must be completed in four hours and the start is determined by time in the Appro-pass. During the event, transportation must happen on foot. 

After seven stamps, the participant is entitled to change the filled Appro-pass for the official overall patch of the event. There are no separate Appro-degrees in VarjoAppro. 

Participating locations 2021

Ticket sales

The tickets for VarjoAppro can be purchased both online and from campus ticket sales. More information about the ticket sales will be updated to our social media channels closer to the event. 

Ticket sales are held on week 44.  


Group ticket sales 

More information coming up.


Campus ticket sales in Tampere

More information coming up.

Individual ticket sales in

More information coming up.

After parties

The after parties of VarjoAppro are celebrated in the top nightclubs of Tampere. Each nightclub has a front-row artist entertaining the participants. Artists will be published later on.

Event ticket includes a wristband which includes entrance to one specific night club.

Beginning at 00.30, night clubs will also sell tickets. The price is 5 € if you have a wristband from another participating nightclub and 10 € without a wristband.










The heart of VarjoAppro is Ratinannokanpuisto which is easy to reach via Laukon bridge.

The start and finish of the event are located in Ratinannokanpuisto. There are activities, music and festivities all day long!

More information coming up.

Start and finish

The start and finish of the pub-crawl are located in Ratinannokanpuisto. The start times are marked into each Appro-pass and they range from 4 pm till 6 pm with 30 min between each start.

The pub-crawl must be completed in 4 hours.

The finish line opens up at 7 pm. You may exhance your completed Appro-pass to a overall badge in the finish line.


We actively monitor the official COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations which affect night clubs or events.

We pay extra attention to hygiene and we want to offer each participant a pleasant and safe experience in VarjoAppro.

Event coordinators reserve the rights to require appropriate measures from the participants. This includes a coronapass if required by the local situation at the time.