VarjoAppro 2021 (EN)

Events are back, nightclubs are open once more. It is time to celebrate with a pub-crawl and unforgettable after parties in the best nightclubs of Tampere! 

Hämeenkadun Appro proudly presents: VarjoAppro 

VarjoAppro gathers over 5 000 students to Tampere in Tuesday 23rd of November to enjoy a pub-crawl, night clubs and the best artists Finland has to offer.  

VarjoAppro is Hämeenkadun Appro’s smaller version, which tunes us towards next year, when we celebrate Appro’s 40th birthday.  

Before that, join us in VarjoAppro!

Main partners 2021

Day of the Event

The Schedule  

  • Departure times range from 4pm to 6pm. Departures are every 30 minutes.
  • The finish opens at 7 pm and closes 10pm
  • After parties begin at 9 pm 
  • The showtime at afterparties is 00.30am

What to bring? 

  • Identification and COVID-19 certificate
  • Enough warm clothes 
  • A water bottle 
  • Leave big bags at home. The cloak room is meant for coats only. 

Transportation on Appro day 

  • The easiest way to arrive to the heart of the event, Ratinanniemi, is via Center Square and Laukon bridge.  
  • The City Center is easy to reach with public transportation. Routes and schedules can be found here:
  • Public transportation along Hämeenkatu includes several bus lines and trams. Trail way station and bus station are a short walk away from the Central Square.  
  • During the event, transportation must happen on foot.
  • There are added shifts during and after the event. The tram will transport participants every 30 minutes until 03:46. The bus line 9 will have two extra shifts: 02:23 and 03:23 from Central Square to Annala.

Degrees and the pub-crawal 

In VarjoAppro, there is just one degree to complete unlike in the original Hämeenkadun Appro. 

The idea of VarjoAppro is to go around the predetermined pubs and restaurants and collect stamps for the Appro-pass. To earn a stamp, visitors must enjoy one of the official Appro foods or beverages, or complete in the different activities organized by Appro’s cooperation partners. It is also possible to do the pub crawl with alcohol-free options. One location offers only one stamp per participant.  

The pub-crawl must be completed in four hours and the start is determined by time in the Appro-pass. During the event, transportation must happen on foot. 

After seven stamps, the participant is entitled to change the filled Appro-pass for the official overall patch of the event. There are no separate Appro-degrees in VarjoAppro. 

Ticket sales

The tickets for VarjoAppro can be purchased both online and from campus ticket sales. More information and details about the ticket sales will be updated to our social media channels later on. 

Monday 1.11. at 14.00 – Group ticket sales in
Tuesday 2.11. at 10.00 – Tampere campus ticket sales, TAMK
Wednesday 3.11. at 10.00 – Tampere campus ticket sales, City Center campus
Thursday 4.11. at 10.00 – Tampere campus ticket sales, Hervanta campus
Friday 5.11. at 14.00 – Single ticket sales in
The price of a ticket is 16 euros. Tickets purchase online will have a service fee of 1 euro added to the price.
In single ticket sales, there are also tickets without afterparties, which cost 9 euros.


Please note that VarjoAppro maintains the right to implement required measures in the on-going COVID-19-situation. This includes the right to demand customers to present a valid coronapass in order to participate the event if the pass is mandatory in order to arrange the event. By buying the ticket to this event, you accept these terms.

Ticket exchange

Group tickets:

  • 17th-19th of November, 10-16 @Pinninkatu 57, 33100 Tampere
  • 22nd of November, 14-20 @Bar Passion, Tullikamarin aukio 1, 33100 Tampere 
  • 23rd of November  – TBA

Single & campus tickets:

  • 22nd of November, 14-20 @Bar Passion, Tullikamarin aukio 1, 33100 Tampere 
  • 23rd of November  – TBA

Group ticket sales 

GROUP TICKET SALES start on Monday at 14.00 in Please log in to the service before and visit the page to find out how the platform works. The link to the platform and the instructions video can be found in the VarjoAppro Facebook event.

The minimum amount of tickets per purchase is 20 and the maximum is 100. The purchase may contain tickets with different afterparties, with up to 50 tickets per afterparty per order. After adding the tickets to your shopping cart, they are reserved for you for 25 minutes.   

You must select your desired time of departure when purchasing the tickets. Departures are at 16.00, 17.00 and 18.00.  

Tickets must be paid immediately online. All tickets are 17€/pc (the price includes a service fee of 1€). Payment methods include Debit&Credit –cards, MobilePay, Pivo, and online banks.  

Please note, that tickets bought from group ticket sales shall not be marked used on Tickets must be collected all at once either beforehand or on the day of the event.  


You may exchange your mobile tickets to Appro-passes and wristbands at one of the following times:  

17th-19th of November, 10-16 @Pinninkatu 57, 33100 Tampere 
22nd of November, 14-20 @Bar Passion, Tullikamarin aukio 1, 33100 Tampere  

The exchange location and further details of the event day will be published later on. 

The orderer must collect the tickets personally and is required to present some form of identification. 

Campus ticket sales in Tampere

Tuesday 2.11. at 10, TAMK
The main entrance on Kuntokatu’s side 

Wednesday 3.11. at 10, Tampere University, City Centre Campus
The Main Building, 1st floor, next to Alakuppila  

Thursday 4.11., at Tampere University, Hervanta Campus 
Outside of Tietotalo  


Tickets cost 16 € and the payment method is either by cash or by MobilePay.  

At campus ticket sales, you may purchase 1-2 tickets.   

This year we are anticipating an exceptionally high demand for the tickets. Each campus has 400 tickets for sale, but we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets to everyone. We recommend you arrive early. If you are coming to queue for a longer time, remember to dress according to the weather to make the queuing as pleasant as possible.   

Single ticket sales in

In single ticket sales you may purchase 1-2 tickets / order.

In single ticket sales, there are also tickets without afterparties. These tickets allow you to participate in the pub-crawl and include both the appropass and the official overall badge of the event. This ticket does not include the entrance to the official afterparties.

After parties

The after parties of VarjoAppro are celebrated in the top nightclubs of Tampere. Each nightclub has a front-row artist entertaining the participants. Artists will be published later on.

Event ticket includes a wristband which includes entrance to one specific night club.

Beginning at 00.30, night clubs will also sell tickets. The price is 5 € if you have a wristband from another participating nightclub and 10 € without a wristband.


Viihdemaailma Ilona


Ranta & Poro


Supper Club


Heidi's Bier Bar

Rony Rex & DJ Orion




Official after party locations


The heart of VarjoAppro is the Ratinanniemi festival area. At Ratinanniemi, you can find the start and finish of the Appro-tour, as well as stands from collaborating companies, different activities, and a drinking area to make sure participants stay hydrated. Keeping up the fun atmosphere is the amazing DJ Sampl.

To keep participants entertained, Ratinanniemi will be full of all sorts of activities. Soar high in the slingshot ride, compete against friends on the sumo wrestling mat, test your agility with the obstacle course, run as fast as you can while strapped to the bungee run, or relax in the comfort of a bouncy castle. There’s something for everyone! At the slingshot ride provided by Nyyti ry, participants can also earn stamps onto their Appro-passes!

You can purchase all of the official Appro beverages from the drinking area at Ratinanniemi. Additionally, participants can enjoy wines and Glühwein, which are only available at the Ratinanniemi festival area. Here, you can also collect as many stamps as you wish!

Start and finish

The start and finish of the pub-crawl are located in Ratinanniemi. The start times are marked into each Appro-pass and they range from 4 pm till 6 pm with 30 min between each start.

The pub-crawl must be completed in 4 hours.

The finish line opens up at 7 pm. You may exhance your completed Appro-pass to a overall badge in the finish line.

Drinking Area in Ratinanniemi

For the first time ever there will be a drinking area in the festival area of Appro. In Ratinanniemi, you can get as many stamps as you wish. You can even complete your whole Appropass there.

The prices are definitely student-friendly. As a bonus: you can get a stamp from wines and especially from the warm gluhwein.

Beverages sold in cans will have a 1 € added to their prices. The euro will be returned when returning the empty and undamaged can back to the bar. Maximum return at the time: 10 cans.

Come to Ratinanniemi and enjoy the Appro-atmosphere!

Participating locations 2021

COVID-19 and the COVID-19 certificate


The COVID-19 restrictions for restaurants and bars in Pirkanmaa take effect on Wednesday the 17th of November, and will apply also to VarjoAppro. The restrictions affect the maximum capacity and the opening hours of restaurants and bars. Restrictions can be avoided by using the COVID-19 certificate.  

We want to offer a safe experience to all participants and make sure that the event can be held in the same capacity as planned.  

We will require the COVID-19 certificate from all participants at VarjoAppro. The COVID-19 certificate will be checked at all participating locations and before entering the official afterparties. Please note that COVID-19 certificate requires also a matching identification card.

We will require the COVID-19 certificate also at our Ratinanniemi festival area. 

What is the COVID-19 certificate? 

The accepted forms of the COVID-19 certificate in Finland include the vaccination certificate, the COVID-19 test certificate and the certificate of recovery from COVID-19. 

The EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate is given when both vaccinations have been received, with the second shot having been received over seven days prior. The EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate is also given if you have had COVID-19 and have received the first vaccination. 

The EU COVID-19 test certificate requires a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the event. 

The EU certificate of recovery from COVID-19 is given after recovery from the infection, which has been confirmed by a positive PCR-test result. The recovery certificate is valid for 180 days. 

How do I get the COVID-19 certificate? 

You can get the COVID-19 certificate by downloading it from MyKanta as a PDF-file or for example by taking a screenshot of it. 

At the time of purchase, every participant has agreed to the possible use of the COVID-19 certificate. The right to require the certificate has been communicated in our social media channels as well as on purchasing platforms. 


We will pay extra attention to hygiene during the event and want to offer each participant a pleasant and safe experience at VarjoAppro.