Start of the 1970s

Event like the Appro named Hämeenkadun Viesti is being organized in Tampere by tech students and business students.  



The first Hämeenkadun Appro is held. This is the first time when students are invited to Hämeenkatu to achieve academic degrees (Approbatur and Cum laude). Hämeenkadun Appro’s father figure is Simo Susi, who operated as Boomi ry’s administration’s chairman for committee of free-time. He had help from Risto Keskiruokanen. Organizers set following goal for the event: “To give integrated view of Tampere’s restaurants’ quality and develop the performance of arm’s flexor muscle. To teach orderliness and goal orientation and performance in groups.” Starting point is at Pyynikintori and afterparty is at the I-club. There are about 50 participants. 



The number of participants increases little and there is third degree, Laudatur, included. 



There are about 400 students celebrating in different colored overalls and afterparty is held at VPK. 


There are already multiple subject associations participating from Tampere and other cities. The afterparty is at Bat Club. 


For the first time there’s official event drinks provided by Mallasjuoma (nowadays part of Hartwall) and afterparty was held at Tullikamari. 


Appro is starting to ensure its place as one of the students’ major national events when participant count increases to 2000. The afterpart is held at Tampere-talo. 


For the first time participants get a map for stamps and can finally stop collecting receipts. 


Participant count reaches 3000 and for the first time the afterparty is being held at Metro-Auto Areena. 


The biggest one-day student event gathers almost 5000 students to participate. 


The artists are unquestionably highest quality acts in event’s history – so farApulanta performs at the after party and PMMP at the VarjoAppro at Onnela. 



The one and only Hartwall Orginal longdrink is added to the official event drinks. Neljä Ruusua performs at the afterparty. Gigantti provides taxi-trip home for two lucky winners and they decided to use it to go home to Rovaniemi.  


Appro celebrates its 25-year history and for the first time hosts two afterparties. GaalaAppro is being held at Metro-Auto Arena and RockAppro at the Yo-talo 


Sunrise Avenue and Joku Paikallinen Bändi performs at Tampere AreenaAdditional afterparties are being held at Bricks and Yo-talo, and VarjoAprro breaks visitor records at Love Hotel. 


Cheek and Paula Koivuniemi perform at Tampere Areena 


A new participant record is broken for the Appro’s 30th birthday with 6000 students roaming through Tampere’s restaurants. Stig and PMMP drive students wild at the Tampere Areena. Other afterparties are held at Senssi, Bricks and Ilona. VarjoAppro gathers people to party at Fat Lady while Bomfunk MC performs. 


Unlike previous years, all of the afterparties are being held near the city center. Mr. Lothar and Ms. Paola perform at Bricks while other parties are at PakkahuoneRavintolamaailmaSenssi and Ilona.  


The new comer of Tampere’s nightlife, Union, replaces Senssi. JVG puts on a show there, other artists are Roope Salminen & Koirat, Alex Kunnari and Anna Abreu. 


Once again Appro breaks record with 7500 participants. Fat Lady makes a debut as an official afterparty and among others JVG, Teflon Brothers and Darude perform.  


There’s already 8 different afterparties and almost 9000 participants. Keskustori has a lot going on: a hot tub, sauna, bouncing castle and for the first time, fireworks. Roska and Clun Hehku host the new afterparties. Pariisin KevätGasellit and Mighty 44 perform.  


35-year old Appro is the first student event to break 10 000 participants. There is fire-show and it’s possible to bungee jump at Keskustori. With addition from Ilves, Olympia, Tähti and Yo-talo, there’s already 11 afterparties. Among others Teflon Brothers, Eveliina and Happoradio perform.  


See for yourself what the Biggest and the most Beautiful student event has to offer in 2022!