Hämeenkadun Appro 2022

Finland’s biggest and the most beautiful student event will be held again in the autumn 2022.



The Event

Finland’s biggest and the most beautiful student event Hämeenkadun Appro has been organized since 1982. The event gathers over 12 000 students from all over Finland to Tampere every year. The event consists of Keskustori’s event area, the pub crawl and the after party. 

In Hämeenkadun Appro you’re supposed to go around predetermined bars, restaurants around Tampere’s city center and stamps in your crawl pass. After collecting required amount of marks, the participant achieves equivalent degree.  


All of the Kide.App tickets and the paper tickets from Tampere Campus -sales need to be changed to Appro maps and wristbands. When you change the single ticket you will decide your starting time for the pub crawl, for the group tickets the starting time has already been decided.

Monday 10.10. & Tuesday 11.10. 14-19 at Bar Passion: Single tickets

Thursday 13.10. 12-15:30 at Bar Paassion: Single tickets

Thursday 13.10. 16-18 at Keskustori: Single & Group Tickets

The Schedule

Hämeenkadun Appro takes place on Thursday 13.10.2022

Schedule will be announced in the early autumn.  

Bring along

  • Clothing according to the weather
  • Water bottle
  • Leave big backbags at home. The cloack room in the after parties is meant for coats only.


Transportation on Appro day

  • The City Center is easy to reach with public transportation. Routes and scheduless can be found here:
  • The walk from railway station and from bus station to City Center is fairly short.
  • During the event, transportation must happen on foot.

City Center

City Center

Event area at Keskustori works as the center of the event. Starting and finish point for the pub crawl is located at Keskustori. Additionally, you can find several activities, event partners’ stands and music among other things there. The official information stand is located there to serve participantthroughout the event. 


The activities in City Center are available for Appro participants from the beginning of event until the after parties start. In the previous years City Center has offered you for example the possibility to bungee jump, participate in fun competitions on our partners’ stands and enjoy your self on different exiting activities. The activities of 2022 will be announced in the autumn. 

Academic Performance


The academic degrees have to be accomplished in correct order and you get the next degree badge by proving the previous degree with the badge attached to your overalls. You get a stamp in your crawl map by having the official Hämeenkadun Appro drinks or foods or by participating in event partners’ activities. The pub crawl is possible to accomplish without alcohol. The time to complete the degree is 4 hours and it starts at the time marked in the map and stops at the finish line. (Tohtori and Emeritus candidates have 5 hours) Transition between bars must be by foot.  


The Academic Degrees

The degrees have to be accomplished in correct order and they require following number of stamps. 

  •  Approbatur 7 
  • Cum Laude 9 
  • Laudatur 12 
  • Tohtori 15 
  • Emeritus (after two Tohtori badges) 15 


Appro Partners

You can get stamps from participating bars, restaurants and company stands. You can only get one stamp per one place. For Tohtori and Emeritus candidates the limit is two stamps per place. Participating bars and restaurants are tagged in the map and you can find Virallinen suorituspaikka-poster in all of them. The map will be published in the early autumn.  


The Afterparties

The After Party of Hämeenkadun Appro will feature the top artists of Finland and a exquisite experience. You will not want to miss this!

The artist line up will be published in the end of August.

The Artists

The after parties include awesome front row artists and there will be something for everyone! The artists will be announced in the early autumn.